Sniff Relief USB Heat Mask & Temperature Controller

The ALL-NATURAL solution for alleviating sinus pressure, headaches, and a stuffy or runny nose. Sniff Relief provides controlled warmth to your sinus in order to stimulate blood vessels and provide soothing comfort.

  • Heater

    Input : 12V/18W

    Heat 100F - 140F (39C - 60C)

  • Buttons

    On/off Mode



  • Weight

    2.8 ounces

  • Size

    5 in x 2.3 in x.85 in

  • Cable

    1.5 meters from the power adapter to the controller and 1.5 meters from the controller to the mask for a total of 3 meters (9.8 feet)

  • Power adapter

    Input 110-230v ~ 1A 50-60Hz

    Output 12V 3A