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How to use the Amazing decongestant properties of Horseradish - no horsing around this will help clear your sinuses!

- Arthur Boia

Many people know that hot peppers (or any spicy food for that matter) are great for clearing your sinuses.  I personally eat raw jalapenos (I know that's excessive 😂)when I have a stuffy nose, drink some turmeric tea and then use my mask and just relax.

Horseradish natural decongestantWhat a lot of people overlook is horseradish!  It's been a home remedy as a natural decongestant for thousands of years.  The great thing about horseradish is that it has the same effect of clearing your sinuses but the heat/spice doesn't last but a few seconds.  

Here's a little hack that I like to do:

1. Put some horseradish on a cracker (don't be shy put a good amount on)

2. Add a couple drops of olive oil

3. Squeeze lemon or lime juice.  If you don't have any white vinegar will do as well.  This just helps to take a little bit of the kick out.

4. Enjoy!  Make sure to chew it for a few seconds this allows the vapors to penetrate your sinuses.  You will experience some discomfort but it's fleeting!  Within 10-20 seconds the heat will be completely gone.  It won't linger like a hot pepper.


You think you're brave enough??  Give it a shot!



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