How Nasal Congestion and Runny Nose Can Cause Fatigue

How Nasal Congestion and Runny Nose Can Cause Fatigue

Nasal congestion is a common problem. It can occur because of a cold, sinus infection, or allergies—things practically all of us get from time to time. There are many ways to seek relief, but you may be wondering why you’re feeling deprived of energy, too. Congestion and runny nose are, in fact, connected with fatigue.

Nasal congestion and fatigue

Sinus Infections

A sinus infection is often accompanied by fatigue because the immune system is being strained. Fighting a chronic infection is hard on the body. Likewise, fighting the common cold drains your energy, but getting some rest can help fight the infection and prevent it from getting worse than it otherwise would be. Extreme congestion, coughing, and pain in your face is a sign of a sinus infection.


When you’re not well, mild dehydration can set in quickly. Dehydration lowers blood pressure and blood volume. It also disrupts communication between brain cells. The reduced oxygen flow and neurological activity cause grogginess, which is another reason to drink plenty of fluids when you have stuffed sinuses and a runny nose.

Lack of Sleep

Severe nasal congestion can interfere with sleep, whether it’s due to an infection or allergies. A bad night’s sleep may not be because of cold or allergy medicine. Your stuffy nose and other sinus symptoms make staying asleep difficult, which contributes to tiredness during the day.


If you have chronic nasal allergies, otherwise known as allergic rhinitis, the mucus linings in the nose are constantly inflamed. This inflammation constantly stimulates the immune system. Allergies also cause sleep disturbances, further contributing to fatigue. Another possibility is a mold allergy, which can stimulate inflammatory protein production, causing chronic inflammation that’s a drain on your body.

There are also other causes of sleepiness, including:

  • Low blood iron levels
  • Stressed adrenal glands
  • Low melatonin output
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Depression

Sinus Congestion Relief and Restoring Your Energy

Natural sinus infection decongestant

Sinus problems are connected with dehydration, infections, and a lack of sleep, which can all lead to fatigue. A few methods are available if you want relief and to be more rested. Nasal decongestants, steroids, and even nasal irrigation can help.

There are also several natural remedies, ranging from tea to steam. Taking a hot shower can help clear out your sinuses. A humidifier provides moisture to the room—breathing this in lubricates dry nasal passages to loosen up the mucus. However, there’s another proven solution that uses heat as a weapon against your sinus woes.

Sniff Relief

Set at temperatures from 100 to 140°F, the Sniff Relief mask provides an all-natural solution. Plus, it is designed for comfort. Its bendable nose bridge molds around your nose. Medication can take an hour or more to provide relief; the mask begins to work immediately, distributing heat to your skin, where it enhances blood flow and is absorbed by the sinuses, loosening thick mucus.

Looking for an effective, natural nasal congestion remedy? Buy a Sniff Relief mask online today or contact us for more information.

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