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Counteract Cold Air to Avoid Colds

You probably do everything in your power to stay healthy and avoid the annoying congestion, sinus pressure, and other symptoms that come with the all-too-common-cold. But somehow, year after year, you find yourself dealing with a lingering stuffy nose, runny nose, chills, sinus pressure, headache, etc. Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. Turns out all the chicken soup and vitamin C you can handle can only do so much to combat colds.

The simple science behind colds

A study conducted at Yale University shows that low temperatures inhibit the body’s natural defenses against common rhinoviruses, the main cause of colds. After first studying this phenomenon in mice, scientists extended the study. “The researchers then grew human airway cells in the lab under both cold and warm conditions and infected them with a different rhinovirus that thrives in people. They found that warm infected cells were more likely than cold ones to undergo programmed cell death — cell suicide brought on by immune responses aimed at limiting the spread of infections.”

In other words, the cold air you breath during fall and winter lower your immunity just enough to allow cold viruses to flourish.

The solution

That fact makes heat and staying warm an obvious solution. You can’t avoid breathing colder air during the fall and winter months, but you CAN deliver warmth to your upper respiratory system and help create a naturally optimal environment for better health.

Sniff Relief is the key to fast, effective relief for sinus pressure, congestion, and cold symptoms. The self-heating Mask was designed to be comfortable, convenient, and safe. The Mask heats to your desired temperature (140 degrees maximum) and warms up your nose and surrounding areas, unblocking sinuses and alleviating pressure and pain.

The comfortable fleece Mask is safe whether you’re awake or asleep:

  • Circuit breaker – You are protected from any possible electrical surge by the built-in circuit breaker.
  • Temperature limiter – Your Sniff Relief mask cannot exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so there is no risk of burns.
  • Automatic shutoff –  Just program the automatic timer for up to 12 hours.

Breathing colder air during these upcoming months is unavoidable. But you can use the power of warmth to get healthy and stay healthy. Give yourself the edge against colds and the congestion, sinus pressure, runny noses, headaches, and other cold symptoms with Sniff Relief. Feel the warmth and maximize your health!

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