3 Ways of Naturally Relieving Sinus Headaches with Heat

3 Ways of Naturally Relieving Sinus Headaches with Heat

Many of us know the common signs and symptoms when we feel a sinus headache coming on: pressure-like pain behind the eyes, face becomes tender to the touch, quick movements or bending forward makes your already throbbing head feel even worse.

women relieving pressure on headYou’ll most likely notice these headaches are triggered by an allergy flareup or a bad cold or flu. The catchword here is sinusitis, which basically means you are suffering from sinus congestion and inflammation. When your sinuses are inflamed due to an infection or irritated by an allergen, they are unable to properly drain—this causes the dreaded sinus pressure.

Is It Sinusitis—or Something Else?

If this type of headache pain is new to you, you may want to see your doctor to make sure you aren’t suffering from tension headaches or migraines. To get a thorough understanding of your suffering, your doctor will most likely ask if you have a history of allergies, look in your nose for any nasal discharge, press on specific areas of your face to test for tenderness, and shine a light through your sinuses to determine the status. If the light doesn’t shine through, you have a higher chance of being congested.1

Heat as Sinus Pressure Relief

While your doctor may recommend corticosteroids or antibiotics to treat the inflammation, there are natural ways of relieving sinus headaches.

  • Harness the power of moist heat. Sitting in a steamy bathroom, using a humidifier, or even breathing in the steam from a hot (not boiling) pot of water can help with sinus congestion relief.2
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  • Give your headache the hot and cold treatment. Alternating between 3 minutes of a warm compress over your nose and eyes and 30 seconds of a cold compress, a couple times in a row, can help clear your nasal passages and help you find sweet relief.3
  • Discover self-heating face masks. Warming up your sinuses with a comfortable mask like Sniff Relief can not only curb that awful sinus pressure and pain but also ease symptoms like runny nose. What’s more, with an adjustable mask and 8 temperature settings, you don’t have to let a sinus headache stop the flow of your day like over-the-counter medications that can leave you feel groggy. 

Next Time You Feel a Sinus Headache Coming On…

Try a natural remedy! Your doctor can diagnosis you, but you can help relieve your own pain fast with natural heat. Discover all the features unique to Sniff Relief.


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